2nd SPIN Conference

Second Open Conference
Service Process Improvement Network

Krakow, 11-12 May 2016


Dear Friends,

Coming to the conference you have realized our dream again. We have made this conference for you, and thanks to you.
We have invited our members and guests from all over Poland to share their experience and passion. We have expended the formula to day two: workshops and Open Space. Your feedback encourages us to continue our work, thank you!

Please be invited to see photos​​ and a movie from the conference. To be updated on our future projects fillow us on Facebook.

We would like to take this chance to thank our sponsors:

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Many thanks to our partners and patrons:

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Info about the conference:
Day one of the conference consists of continuous improvement in services/office practicians’ prelections. Short and to the point stories and case studies – maximum content, no sales pitches. Day one is free and open to everyone.

Day two is Open Space in paralel with workshops. This formula gives you direct access to continuous improvement experts and at the same time possibility to discuss problems that may have been bothering you for a long time. Cost of the second day (Open Space + one workshop of choice) is 100 PLN.



start end Topic Speaker
8:07 9:07 Registration
9:07 9:17 Opening of the conference Michał Wolak lalogo
9:17 9:47 The UBS PEX Way Paulina Wydra 200px-UBS_Logo.svg[1]
9:47 10:17 Management Culture vs Lean Management Aleksandra Rzeźniczek
business trainer
10:17 10:37 Break
10:37 11:07 Process robotics – science or fiction? Łukasz Gargasz symphony
11:07 11:37 3 data visualization rules that you need to know Bartosz Czapiewski SkuteczneRaporty.pl
11:37 11:57 Break
11:57 12:27 Why Thais are silent, Mexicans scream and Poles complain? Natalia Pogoda lgbs-200
12:27 12:57 Don’t be a Don Kichote Anna Grabowska-Grabiec logo_amway_en[1]
12:57 13:57 Lunch
13:57 14:27 Baton de pelerin – how to create sustainable CI culture after transformation Michał Baraniak Euroclear_logo[1]
14:27 14:57 Effects and Importance of Effective CI Project Coaching Flor Martinez Reyes heineken 140
14:57 15:17 Break
15:17 15:47 Modern corporation vs ant colony Andrzej Kinastowski lgbs-200
15:47 16:17 Process absurds and absurd solutions Ewa Muciek 1280px-Banco_Santander
16:17 16:37 Day 1 summary Michał Wolak lalogo
start stop Activities
8:37 9:07 Registration
9:07 9:52 Open Space topics selection
9:52 10:37 Open space slot 1 Workshop: Lean Simulation Game (Flor Martinez Reyes, Heineken) Workshop: Value Stream Mapping – the first step to improve business processes (Katarzyna Lenar, Lufthansa)
10:37 11:22 Open space slot 2
11:22 11:42 Przerwa
11:42 12:27 Open space slot 3 Workshop: Change management and working with resistance (Andrzej Kinastowski, Lufthansa) Workshop: Improvement projects coaching (Michał Wolak, Lean Action)
12:27 13:12 Open space slot 4
13:12 14:12 Lunch
14:12 14:57 Open space slot 5 Workshop: Business process automations (Lukasz Gargasz, Symphony Ventures) Workshop: Effective reports (Bartosz Czapiewski, skuteczneraporty.pl)
14:57 15:42 Open space slot 6
15:42 15:57 Conference summary



Conference takes place in
Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomii i Informatyki w Krakowie

Św. Filipa 17
31-150 Kraków