3rd SPIN Conference – speakers, speeches, open space, workshops



2015-dlh-1-160x240 Andrzej Kinastowski
Operations Delivery Strategist w Lufthansa Global Business Services
Andrzej Kinastowski has been assisting various SSCs and BPOs in improving their delivery in areas of Continuous Improvement, Process Excellence, Leadership and Strategy for the last 10 years. He’s a Lean in Services practitioner, big fan of Kaizen thinking. Believes that best processes and projects come from engaged leadership and empowerment of all employees. Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, experienced trainer. Lecturer on the University of Economics in Wrocław and School of Computer Science and Economics of Krakow. Chairman and co-founder of Service Process Improvement Network association. Enjoys speaking at conferences tremendously.
In private life Andrzej is a husband, a father, a photographer, and a beginner mini-robot builder.
Joanna Kot Joanna Kot
EMA EMEA Sector CI Manager w Electrolux
Joanna Kot has managed finance processes and implemented continuous improvement culture in international companies for last ten years. Joanna has strong experience in improving non-production processes and leading transformation projects – from finance through sales support to customer care, consumer care and other support processes.
Certified practitioner in Lean, Six Sigma and PRINCE2. Author of internal training system in the field of process improvement and change management. Experienced trainer.
Strong believer that “efficiency is doing the things right, effectiveness is doing the right things.”
Skiing passionate.
ZuzannaPamula 150x200 Zuzanna Pamuła
Continuous Process Improvement Senior Specialist in HEINEKEN Global Shared Services
Specializes in Continuous Process Improvement in services, where she works as a Lean Six Sigma trainer and project manager. Certified Six Sigma Black Belt. Experienced in business process analysis and mapping. After hours she works as a volunteer.
Kinga Kinastowska Kinga Kinastowska
Responsible for implementation of lean projects in UBS, most recently as Change Leader.  She has broad management experience. Kinga has led teams providing F&A services and HR processes and has wide ranging project experience. Kinga has led both transformation and PMO teams. She is passionate about lean management. In her private life, Kinga is a lover of piano music.
igor-l Igor Łęgowski
Customers appreciate his business empathy, healthy approach to productivity improvements in the processes and effective root cause problem solving.

Since 2004  active Black Belt Lean Six Sigma. He was leading the projects using tools of continuous improvement in the manufacturing of electronics components and automotive, logistics, warehousing, banking and financial services. He managed the departments of production, maintenance, business support and supply chain.= in many companies.

In 2007 he earned his MBA at WSB – N.L. Chicago University in Nowy Sacz. He currently runs a number of training certification change leaders in the area of Lean Six Sigma.

Active promoter of continuous improvement as a Mistrz Ciągłej poprawy for YT.

marcin-tchorzewski Marcin Tchorzewski
Managing Partner at iSourceTec
Marcin’s track record includes the recent roles of Managing Director at Arla Global Financial Services Centre in Gdansk and a Board Member of Arla Foods commercial entity in Poland. Previously Vice President and member of the Management Committee at State Street Bank in Krakow, leading Fund Accounting, Financial Reporting and Key Investor Information Services. Prior to joining State Street, Marcin was involved in setting up and managing a Transfer Agency unit at Franklin Templeton Investments in Poznan providing investors services to Franklin’s U.S. funds.
Marcin spent several years in the United States working as accounting manager at Filtrona PLC in Richmond, VA and as financial analyst and controller at Medstrat, Inc. After returning to Poland he worked for Hewlett Packard’s shared service center in Wroclaw
Marcin holds a degree in Accountancy from Northern Illinois University and is a U.S. Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
p-maslanka Piotr Maślanka
Managing Partner at iSourceTec
Entrepreneur, enthusiast of new technologies and expert in integration, automation and robotics.
Piotr started his IT career in Wirtualna Polska in 2009. Since 2012 Piotr has been developing a software house, with successful projects for brands like Intel, Netia, Dr. Oetker and Vodafone TR.
Piotr is one of the founders of IT startup “Jamiru” and since 2013 is the CEO of the company.
Piotr’s additional passion are intelligent houses. He has designed and implemented smart home solutions for customers in Poland and in the United Arab Emirates. Piotr graduated from Gdansk University of Technology with the Master’s degree in Computer Science.
Katarzyna Konowrocka-Krochmal 
Experienced manager with wide knowledge in the area of financial markets, funds administration and custody banking. She gain her expertise in Dublin where she had a chance to work for big financial institutions. She is currently employed in Euroclear, where she acts as Operations Director in the New Issues department. She believes that Lean is a tool that allows us to better manage people and business.

She appreciates diversity and working with people. She believes that good team should be diverse, composed of people with different backgrounds and skills.

In her private time she loves snowboarding and climbing.

monika-bednarska-lupinska Monika Bednarska-Łupińska
Operational Excellence / Continuous Improvement Manager in Lufthansa Global Business Services
Manager with many years of experience in managing processes and departments linked to production / service operations (HR, Finance, IT), quality and continuous improvement (Lean Management, Six Sigma) in manufacturing and BPO/SSC.

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, experienced Production, Quality, Continuous Improvement Manager in manufacturing plants: Philips, General Electric, Philip Morris and in Shared Services: UBS, Lufthansa.

She strongly believes that nothing is impossible – every process can be improved, and all methods and tools can be used for continuous improvement.

mariusz góral height= Mariusz Góral
Certified Black Belt Six Sigma. Leader of DMAIC, Lean Teams as well as manager of PRINCE projects. He is a co-founder of the Lean Sigma programme of Poczta Polska S.A. (Polish Mail, Joint Stock Company), where he was also in charge of process management and quality areas. Enthusiast of hunting, sport shooting and survival. Co-creator and editor-in-chief of the SEZON hunting  magazine.


Open Space – the floor is yours!

On the second day we would like to propose the Open Space formula.
We will let the participants decide what will be discussed and what we are going to listen to.
What does it mean for you?
You will design the day!
You will have an opportunity to propose the topic for discussion and moderate it.
You will have a possibility to take part in the discussion which should be interesting for you – but if it isn’t, you are free to change the room whenever you want.
It is a chance to meeet and talk to as many people as you wish.
And more importantly it’s a chance to ask difficult questions and receive an adequate answer, perhaps an answer you have been searching for a very long time.

Rules??? You make the rules.



Visual management w biurze – podstawy projektowania efektywnych dashboardów.
Agata Zydroń, Lufthansa Global Business Services
Dashboard jest jednym z podstawowych narzędzi Visual Management’u w firmach usługowych. Pozwala na efektywne rozplanowanie zadań i skuteczną kontrolę ich wykonania. Może być również podstawowym narzędziem komunikacji zarówno w zespole jak i firmie. Aby jednak tak się stało należy bezpośrednio powiązać przedstawiane informacje z celami strategicznymi i taktycznymi firmy. Jeżeli jeszcze nie wdrożyłeś dashboardów w swoim zespole lub czujesz, że nie spełniają one swoich funkcji to jest warsztat dla Ciebie.

Zobacz jak za pomocą dashboardów w praktyce:
– Efektywnie planować pracę w zespole
– Skutecznie kontrolować efekty i realizację celów
– Projektować efektywną komunikację wewnątrz zespołu
– Skutecznie nastawić zespół na rozwiązywanie problemów

piotr SzmajMonika Pękala Lean Simulation Game
Piotr Szmaj, Monika Pękala, UBS
The Lean Simulation Game is an interactive and fun way of learning basic lean principles.  Examples include value analysis in the process, identification and elimination of waste and structured approaches to problem solving. The game explains in an easy way the following elements: customer requirements, mindsets and behaviors of the group and process measurement.
dagmara Simple business analytics with R
Dagmara Pundyk, Lufthansa Global Business Services
If you are good in excel. You would like to learn how to use a free app which gives you a wide variety of statistical and graphical technique. Then… this workshop is designed for you. During the workshop we will use R environment to change data into information. Together we will find trends in our data, outliers and we will also find out how to calculate basic statistics.
Robotics Process Automation (RPA) – what it is and how to start
Dominik Jaskulski, Lufthansa Global Business Services
Robotics Process Automation (RPA) – what it is and how to start

=> Learn how we kicked-off RPA Program at Lufthansa GBS

=> Identify processes with highest potential for automation

=> Create a draft plan on implementing RPA in your company

sylwia-janas Change Management
Sylwia Janas, HEINEKEN
Change is difficult and every person experiences it in a different way. During this workshop you’ll learn how to deal with change and how to support others in the process.
 baraniak Kids and fishes… solve problems. Pragmatic approach to problem solving techniques.
Michał Baraniak, Euroclear
During the workshop you’ll

– understand why Einstein preferred to focus more on defining the problem than on finding solutions

– discover that childish questions and fishbone are the best tools to find the rootcause of the issue

– learn how to prioritize great ideas for solutions to achieve best results in a reasonable time.

kwiatkowski Smart governance w Smart City – na przykładzie instytucji kultury
Jacek Kwiatkowski, Uniwersytet Jagielloński
Na warsztacie dowiemy się, jak zaprojektować model funkcjonowania miejskiej instytucji kultury w kontekście paradygmatu SMART CITY.  W pracy warsztatowej służyć nam będzie konkretny przykład miejskiej instytucji kultury, która – obok zarządzania strategicznego w oparciu o Strategiczną Kartę Wyników, stosowania zasad controllingu i zarządzania projektowego – postanowiła dostosować swój model funkcjonowania (model biznesowy) do wdrażanej w dużym mieście strategii rozwoju skoncentrowanej na nowoczesnym podejściu do paradygmatu Miasta Inteligentnego. Poznamy powody tej decyzji, obawy towarzyszące tej pracy oraz efekty końcowe. Każdy z uczestników będzie mógł wczuć się w rolę kreatora nowej struktury w instytucji kultury przyszłości i samemu zaproponować najbardziej optymalne rozwiązania. Dzięki temu każdy uczestnik dowie się, jak podobną zmianę dokonać w swojej organizacji, nie tylko o charakterze publicznym
maciąg The tricks of documentation- how to describe process in organisation?
Justyna Maciąg, Uniwersytet Jagielloński
The purpose of the workshop is to present how to prepare the proper documents in organisation to ensure its conformity, understanding and usefulness.
baraniak Working together in complicated organisations: how does a UK University compare to your business?
Stephen Yorkstone
Universities in the UK have a strong international reputation for academic acheivement. but, they also have a reputation for over complicated processes. This workshop will start with a presentation on how Lean has emerged in British Universities; some of the challenges to applying lean in this context; and how this learning has shed new light on Lean concepts. As small groups we will then work to identify where there may be complex challenges in our own organisations, and together identify strategies to overcome these. Finally we will have a plenary discussion on naming different strategies to embedding lean currently in use in British Higher Education, and compare these with models utilised in our own organisations.