7th SPIN Conference


7th Open Conference
Service Process Improvement Network

Kraków, 21-22 February 2019

It’s the seventh time we invite you to the Service Process Improvement Network Open Conference, made by and for Continuous Improvement in the office hotheads. With this event we want to continue building an environment for knowledge and experience sharing about management and process optimization.

Day one of the conference consists of 9 continous improvement practitioners speeches and one discussion panel. Short and to the point stories and case studies – maximum content, no sales pitches. Day one is free and open to everyone. Simultaneous translation to English will be provided.

Day two is workshops and Open Space discussions. This formula gives you direct access to continuous improvement experts and at the same time possibility to discuss problems that may have been bothering you for a long time. Cost of the second day (one workshop of choice + all Open Space slots) is 500 PLN. In Polish only.


Registration closed


start Topic Speaker
8:07 Registration, morning coffee
9:07 Opening of the conference Anna Strojny-Madej logo-SPIN-130
9:17 Lean culture – how to build continuous improvement culture – what can we learn from universities? Justyna Maciąg
9:47 Continuous Improvement Program in practice. How are we changing step-by-step in Lundbeck Dorota Bednarz
10:17 Coffee break
10:37 LEAN Leadership: cut costs and keep people happy Wojciech Karpiński
11:07 Stop repeating the myth: six sigma works only in manufacturing Luiza Janota-Głuchowska, Paweł Kokorczak, Bartosz Kolasa
11:37 Visual Management – Japanese warrant for error-proofing. Hot news from Japan Michał Wolak
12:07 Coffee break
12:27 Lean Office coming up roses? Marek Krasiński
12:57 Strategies of chess masters Michał Kanarkiewicz
13:27 Difficult questions you will surely hear when implementing Lean Andrzej Krótki
13:57 Lunch
14:57 Discussion panel Andrzej Kinastowski logo-SPIN-130
15:57 Recipe for failure – why some projects do not succeed and how to ensure successful CI initiatives? Iwona Sikorska
16:27 Day 1 closing Anna Strojny Madej logo-SPIN-130
start Activities
8:37 Registration, morning coffee
9:07 Workshops (choose one):

1. Change hurts. If it doesn’t hurt, it’s not a change. – Andrzej Kinastowski, Office Samurai


2. Value Stream Mapping – Flor Martinez Reyes, Heineken


3. O!Game simulation – Krzysztof Pimpicki, Wojciech Świątek, Positive Productivity


4. Standardization in the office – do it wisely – Zuzanna Pamuła, Lundbeck GBS Krakow


5. How to prepare processes for the automation? – Dominik Jaskulski, Stowarzyszenie SPIN


6. How to prepare a company for process digitization? Process mapping workshops – Łukasz Czaczkowski, Edisonda


7. Ishikawa Diagram and Pareto analysis – how to identify and solve problems in processes? – Justyna Maciąg, Jagiellonian University


8. Do I know what I don’t know? Hypothesis testing – Luiza Janota-Głuchowska, Paweł Kokorczak, Bartosz Kolasa, AXA Ubezpieczenia


9. Lean leadership – how to effectively lead an organization – Konrad Pluciński, Impel Business Solutions

12:37 Choosing of Open Space topics
13:27 Lunch
14:17 Open Space slot 1
15:02 Open Space slot 2
15:47 Open Space slot 3
16:32 Conference summary


Registration closed

Conference takes place in:

Day 1 – Zespół Dydaktyczno-Biblioteczny UJ (ground floor, assembly hall)

Day 2 – Wydział Zarządzania i Komunikacji Społecznej UJ (room 0.103 and classrooms on 1st and 2nd floors)


Day 1
ul. Gronostajowa 7

30-348 Kraków

Day 2:
ul. prof. Stanisława Łojasiewicza 4
30-348 Kraków

To access the venue with public transport take tram no. 18, 52, 11, 17.
(stop: Norymberska).