9th SPIN Conference


9th Open Conference
Service Process Improvement Network
Kraków, 19-21 February 2020

It’s the ninth time we invite you to the Service Process Improvement Network Open Conference, made by and for Continuous Improvement in the office hotheads. With this event we want to continue building an environment for knowledge and experience sharing about management and process optimization.

Day one (the 19th of February) of the conference is a chance for those who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in continues improvement. It will be possible during full day workshops. The cost of participation in day zero is 861 PLN gross (700 PLN nett). In Polish only.

Day two (the 20th of February) of the conference consists of 9 continuous improvement practitioners speeches and one discussion panel. Short and to the point stories and case studies – maximum content, no sales pitches. Day one is free and open to everyone. Simultaneous interpreting to English will be provided.

Day three (the 21st of February)) is workshops and Open Space discussions. This formula gives you direct access to continuous improvement experts and at the same time possibility to discuss problems that may have been bothering you for a long time. Cost of the second day (one workshop of choice + all Open Space slots) is 615 PLN gross (500 PLN nett). In Polish only.

If you register for all three days of the conference, the cost will be 1230 PLN gross (1000 PLN nett).

The whole conference will be conducted in Polish. A simultaneous interpreting to English will be available during the day two (speeches).






start Activities
8:37 Registration, morning coffee
9:07 Workshops (one to be chosen):

  1. Change management in Lean projects – Dawid Żabiński, SPIN Association
  2. User’s needs identification and solving problems using Design Thinking method – Marcin Zieliński, Dominik Niemczyk, Euroclear
  3. Develop your first robot in UiPath – Andrzej Kinastowski, Office Samurai
  4. How Lean can improve manager’s skills? – Michał Wolak, Lean Action
  5. Value Stream Mapping – Katarzyna Lenar, ABB
  6. Lean in the service of the Robot – everyone works for their own heaven – Lucyna Mach, Jarosław Kowalik
  7. Simulation Game “Lean Success Factory” and problem solving techniques – Anna Strojny-Madej,  SPIN Association
13:07 Lunch
13:47 Continuation of the workshops
17:07 Day 1 closing



start Topic Speaker
8:07 Registration, morning coffee
9:07 Opening of the conference Anna Strojny-Madej logo-SPIN-130
9:17 Lean Revolution – has it come? Michał Wolak
9:47 PZU Zdrowie – We start with why Michał Urbaniak
10:17 Lean organisation’s ethics in the robotics process automation era Maciej Tyburczy
10:47 Coffee break
11:07 Implementing strategy with Hoshin Boards. Wojciech Josek
11:37 ROI ŚMOI – is finance a topic for “Lean people”? Tomasz Owsiak
12:07 Develop people to become masters of their craft. Lucyna Mach Eltel Networks
12:37 Lunch
13:37 Evolution, fool! A short story about the path to conscious PMO. Karol Czapik
14:07 Discussion panel
15:07 Coffee break
15:27 Co-Creating the ‘fit-for-purpose’-cocktail of Lean, Agile, Design Thinking… Klaudia Szendzielarz
15:57 Daily challenges of the aware President. Champagne and caviar or sleepless nights? Andrzej Krótki
16:17 Day 2 closing remarks Anna Strojny-Madej logo-SPIN-130



start Activities
8:37 Registration, morning coffee
9:07 Workshops (one to be chosen):

  1. A3 Report – Magdalena Fular, Stowarzyszenie SPIN
  2. Introduction to process mining – Dominik Jaskulski, Office Samurai
  3. Root Cause Analysis – Justyna Biela-Kruk, Lufthansa
  4. Develop your first robot in WinAutomation – Andrzej Kinastowski, Office Samurai
  5. Leaders of Future Competences and how to develop them – Michał Wolak, Lean Action
  6. Visual Management – Agata Zydroń
  7. Lean Leadership – Kinga Kinastowska, Stowarzyszenie SPIN
  8. How does project thinking help you overcome chaos? – Karol Czapik, EFEKT PMO
13:07 Lunch
14:07 Open Space Discussions –  Open Space Technology
16:07 Conference summary




Hosting university:





Lean Action



Conference takes place in:

Day 1 – hotel Metropolo by Golden Tulip, Orzechowa 11, Kraków

Day 2 – Wydział Biologii i Nauk o Ziemi, (ground floor, assembly hall)

Day 3 – Wydział Zarządzania i Komunikacji Społecznej UJ (room 0.103 and classrooms on 1st and 2nd floors)



Day 1: Hotel Metropolo by Golden Tulip
ul. Orzechowa 11
30-422 Kraków

Day 2:

Zespół Dydaktyczno-Biblioteczny (parter: aula)
ul. Gronostajowa 7
30-348 Kraków

Day 3:
Wydział Zarządzania i Komunikacji Społecznej (sala 0.103)
ul. prof. Stanisława Łojasiewicza 4
30-348 Kraków