6th SPIN Conference – speakers and workshops


Mariusz Pultyn, Digital Teammates 1. Practical analysis of automation potential – finding the low hanging fruit for robotization?
One of the biggest challenges associated with robotization, is the evaluation of the potential of automation of individual processes and selection of those that will give us the highest return on investment. The participants of this workshop will learn the criteria and indicators that they will allow.
Michał Wolak, Office Samurai 2. How to prepare processes for Robotic Automation?
The second question after choosing a process for robotization is: how to prepare it to achieve the greatest benefits? During the workshop, we will discuss the challenges of automation. And then we will develop solutions to these challenges. Participants will broaden their knowledge about possible difficulties and learn methods to overcome them in the automation and robotization of office processes.
Kamil Cupiał, 2040.IO 3. Let the programme tell us what to do, not the other way around. Intelligent assistant in business processes.
• What does a person have to do, what it can do, and which tasks should be taken over by the program? Overview of business processes with the division of tasks between people and technologies
• How, when, and why should the program work to help (and not disturb)? Creating and optimizing a work scenario for the program
• 2 + 2 = 5, or how can we integrate and synchronize with an intelligent assistant to get the most out of our cooperation?
Aleksandra Glinka, Synergia Management 4. What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger? – what decides effectiveness in crisis and change situations
Workshop aimed at exploring the key psychological mechanisms underlying the effective operation under pressure and stress. Understanding the factors that build individual’S strength and mental resilience, as well as organizational conditions – management style, work organization, climate and organizational culture, supporting effective human activities in situations of difficult change, reorganization, or crisis in the organization.
Andrzej Kinastowski, Office Samurai 5. Create your first UiPath robot
In this practical workshop, you’ll see one of the most popular programs to robotize business processes: UiPath. You will understand the logic of how to write robots. In this workshop you will write your first robot. What name will you give it?
Marek Sowa, Capgemini 6. Create your first chatbot
We are disenchanting cognitive technologies. Take the computer and create – under the guidance of the expert – your first functional chatbot.
Dominik Jaskulski, Office Samurai

Tomasz Rostkowski, Integrated Solutions

7. How to choose RPA software that fits your company’s needs?
The RPA tool market is developing very dynamically. At the workshop, we will discuss what criteria should be considered when choosing the RPA tool, how different suppliers and their tools differ, and how to choose a tool well suited to your company’s needs.


Open Space – the floor is yours!

On the second day we would like to propose the Open Space formula.
We will let the participants decide what will be discussed and what we are going to listen to.
What does it mean for you?
You will design the day!
You will have an opportunity to propose the topic for discussion and moderate it.
You will have a possibility to take part in the discussion which should be interesting for you – but if it isn’t, you are free to change the room whenever you want.
It is a chance to meeet and talk to as many people as you wish.
And more importantly it’s a chance to ask difficult questions and receive an adequate answer, perhaps an answer you have been searching for a very long time.

Rules..? You make the rules!